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Я услышал в ролике про ФАЭС-1 даже то, что не смог понять Safin. Хотя у меня тоже не обошлось без ошибок

From a dubious safety of a military helicopter this is the closest glimpse yet of the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant. No one is visible outside giving the level of radiation few people would want to be. Around the wrecked reactors obvious damage to other buildings … in the blast
This is the remains of the reactor no. 3. The core shielding is believed to be cracked. Radioactive steam is clearly escaping from within. But it is the situation obscured by the rubble of building no.4 that's now cause for international concern. This thick vapor is thought to be rising from a pool where 100 tons of nuclear fuel is stored, two nearby are also heating up. The storage pool contains all the nuclear fuel rods recently removed from the reactor. Normally, at least 5 meters of cool water is kept above the rods to prevent them overheating. But shield water from their radioactivity. Reports suggest that pool is now completely dry, and that's not good: radiation level around the pool will now be fatally high. No one can enter the area. And exposed to the air, the fuel rods will get dangerously hot. If engineers can't cover the rods with water soon, the worst scenario is that they catch fire and burn.
That would generate hydrogen with the oxidation reaction and that may lead to more fires and explosions and I think that is where the area are focuses (?) now .
But the Chinooks dumped water from above official confusion over the true stators of that storage pool. Engineers at the plant maintaining that may still be water but it was too radioactive to check.
An American drown flying over today concluding it was now empty and the rods extremely dangerous.

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